Umatilla County Announces Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund Program (STIF) Coordinator

From: Robert Waldher, Umatilla County Planning Director November 29, 2018

The Umatilla County Planning Department announces a partnership with Eastern Oregon Business Source (EOBS) to provide support staff with the new Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) Program.  Staci Kunz was hired as the STIF Coordinator and Teresa Dutcher serves as Chair of the STIF Advisory Committee and also provides consultant services on transportation projects. Both positions are being housed and reporting to Susan Bower, Project Manager and owner of EOBS. They will work in collaboration with the County Planning Director Robert Waldher and Finance Officer Robert Pahl to administer the County’s STIF Program.

Coordinator Staci Kunz will assist STIF sub-recipients in project requests, develop the County STIF Plan, conduct monitoring and reporting on awarded projects, and will serve as the County staff support in recruiting, training and reporting of the STIF Advisory Committee. Staci Kunz was selected from her background in coordinating, networking, managing programs and committees. She earned her Bachelors in Business Administration from Eastern Oregon University. She successful wrote and managed federal and state grants for enhanced services in the community. She previously worked at Blue Mountain Community College and provided administrative support to programs, staff and students. She greatly enjoyed working with students and assisting them with obstacles to success. This position will allow her to continue to assist individuals with transportation resources and options.

Teresa Dutcher has taken on several roles, including Chair of the STIF Advisory Committee for Umatilla County. Teresa prepared the County’s STIF Plan that was submitted to ODOT on November 1st and is training the new STIF Coordinator. Teresa Dutcher most recently retired from the City of Milton-Freewater. A graduate of Eastern Oregon University, Teresa went to work for the City of Milton-Freewater and honed her skills in public transportation managing the City's programs over the last 10 years while working directly with the Federal Transportation

Administration (FTA), Region 5 out of Seattle, WA, and Oregon Department of Transportation/Rail & Public Transit Division (ODOT/RPTD). She was literally mentored in public transportation by the now sitting City Manager, Linda Hall, in all the aspects of Public Transportation when hired nearly seventeen years ago. When the City of Milton-Freewater was placed into the Walla Walla, WA-OR Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Teresa's learning curve with public transportation increased exponentially developing mandatory policies, writing grants direct from FTA and working directly with the National Transit Database (NTD) adding the City's statistics to their database through their online submission program. She is a firm believer in public transportation and the advantages it gives to seniors, disabled and many low-income persons to provide their personal independence.  Teresa also believes in coordination of public transportation services both within and between communities.

For more information on the STIF program, contact Staci Kunz and Teresa Dutcher, by phone at 541-215-7652 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..