Business Opportunities

Pendleton is ready to grow! With a population of over 16,000 and a tourism draw of over 775,000 per year (and growing!) there are opportunities for new businesses to come in and thrive alongside our existing, well-loved businesses.


The newly opened Barnhart Road Industrial Area is prime for these types of enterprises with acres of developable land available. There are also buildings and land available in the Airport Industrial Park and in other various locations throughout the community, both publicly and privately owned.


When asked, the locals say they want more choices when shopping so retail merchants are likely to find a welcoming customer base. Some primary areas where more choices are desired: women's, men's & children's clothing and accessories; shoes for the whole family; home accessories and décor.


With Pendleton's premier western heritage, culture and attractions, western living enterprises of all types will fit right into the community. Knife makers, antler furniture & fixtures creators, rope makers, log furniture, bit & spur creators, period clothing designers and makers, specialty & gourmet foods (especially those using locally grown products), silversmiths, gun makers or refurbishers, artists working in all mediums, beadworkers, basket makers... any business you can think of that fits into Pendleton's brand of fine craftsmanship will be welcomed!


Pendleton is home to a growing population of tech businesses. Web developers, marketing firms, IT support and videographers are choosing to make Pendleton their base of operations because of its location, broadband accessibility and redundancy, and the vibrant, safe community. When you can work from any place through the internet, why not make Pendleton, the "Best Town In Oregon To Raise A Family," your home?